About us

Where we come from

As a result of growing customer demand, TriMedia developed the Drive EHS system to deliver client specific web-based EHS solutions. Our unique background in providing field level EHS consulting services enables us to design a system that addresses many of the challenges we see our clients face on a daily basis. Our ability to dedicated unparalleled support is based upon our robust team of EHS professional and technical development staff. By having designed this system completely in-house, we are able to provide complete control and unique solution to common EHS problems in a user friendly and state of the art system.

Established in 1995, TriMedia provides a full range of professional services including: industrial hygiene, environmental, health and safety, land surveying, ergonomics, and geographic information systems (GIS) services. The professional staff at TriMedia is comprised of Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professionals, Licensed Asbestos Building Inspectors, Compliance Specialists, Professional Engineers, Professional Surveyors, and technical and administrative support staff. For more information regarding our corporate qualifications, experience, and capabilities, please visit us at www.trimediaee.com.

You customize it

Drive EHS is the most flexible web-based solution on the market.

Drive EHS has a module design, making it easy to pick and choose exactly which tools you need. The best part? All it takes is an internet connection to get started.

  1. Real-Time Data Acquisition
    All of your key EHS data is collected and updated in real time, so you know exactly what’s going on across all of your facilities.
  2. Unlimited Storage
    EHS documents, action items, and requirements that are most important to you are store right in the cloud.
  3. User-Friendly Design
    Simple user interface allows for quick and easy navigation.

Take a proactive approach to compliance

With Drive EHS, you'll be prepared for everything from upper management questions to OSHA inspections.



Choose the modules you will use the most, and request customizations along the way.


Low Cost

Low upfront costs, flexible plans, and unlimited free updates make it easy on the budget.


Customer Support

Our in-house EHS professionals and technical staff are ready to help whenever you need.